Daspin & Aument LLP

About the Firm

"A great deal of talent is lost in this world for the want of a little courage," the English essayist Sydney Smith once wrote. And the attorneys of Daspin & Aument have taken those words to heart as a source of inspiration and distinction.

Seeking a break from the traditional large law firm business model, an entrepreneurial team of attorneys founded Daspin & Aument in 2004 as a boutique business law firm focused primarily on commercial real estate matters. Their vision: to create a high-touch and hard-working firm with all attorneys attuned to responsiveness, inspired thinking, and commitment. A firm dedicated to providing – efficiently and cost-effectively – the top-quality legal expertise today’s sophisticated businesses demand, yet without the bureaucracy, impersonal service, and prohibitively high hourly rates that often hinder large general practice firms.

Today, Daspin & Aument delivers high-quality consultation, creativity, advice and attention that clients require and deserve.